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A little bit about Storyteller Carl Gough

Storyteller Carl Gough, Wales, UK

I'm currently a storyteller in Wales, UK but I get about a bit. I've lived in  South and North Wales, but I've also lived in Scotland, Cornwall, Sussex, Yorkshire, Hampshire, Bedfordshire, Essex and even France and Italy. I am lucky to have lived in so many places, as this experience provides a rich seedbed for me as a storyteller.

To begin at the beginning:

I have not always been a storyteller for hire, at least not in the conventional sense. My early years were driven by a fascination for nature which led to an early career in aquatics and then zoological parks. I suppose this is how I first began to learn my craft, presenting to the public and helping others to share my passion for the natural world. My respect for the natural world is still a big part of who I am today.

Other employment:

Other employment has included being a national park warden, a research biologist, an education officer at animal parks, a tour guide, an FE Teacher, an animal trainer and community development officer. Each role required a mix of formal and informal presentations on a range of different subjects, honing my skill in being able to adapt to different audiences and feeding the part of me that would one day emerge as a professional storyteller.

How I became a Storyteller:

My first experience as a legitimate storyteller came about in 2002. I was invited to entertain tourists over the summer at a local campsite and was specifically asked to deliver something that would help communicate the importance of nature conservation. To achieve this I used 'story' and what a revelation. Adults and children alike enjoyed the sessions, but more importantly they remembered key messages from the stories. From that point I was hooked and the storyteller within me was not going to be put back in his box after that. More and more storytelling opportunities presented themselves to me and I embraced them all. Over the years I did more storytelling as a volunteer and found a love for traditional folklore and legend, especially Celtic Myth and Legend and the Mabionogi. Ghost stories are also a firm favourite. So now I find myself in a position where I am lucky to be a professional storyteller and run my own business called Connection.

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