Carl Gough Storyteller

Video Stories

Here's some of the stories I've made and shared on video over the years. All in one place for easy viewing. I hope you'll let me know if you enjoyed them x.

The Three Unlikely Friends:
An adaptation from a traditional Indian tale that explains how the image of a hare can be seen upon the moon. A story suitable for all ages, it extols the virtues of cooperation, collaboration, compromise and self sacrifice.
(approx 7 mins)

The Wisdom of Rice:

Based on a Taoist parable that encourages reflection on how our thoughts can influence our happiness. Family friendly story although the deeper message might be lost on little ones.
(approx 9 mins)

Ostara and the White Hare:

A wonderful seasonal tale for spring and Easter that reveals the origin of the Easter Bunny and why it is associated with eggs. One of my favourites and a great story for all the family.
(approx 15 mins)

The Lost Horse:

A short and well known folk tale from China that reveals good luck and bad luck are not always what they seem to be. Family friendly.
(approx - 4mins)

The Nightingale:

Based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen, a wonderful family friendly story with many interpretations. For this one I chose to focus on the power of Nature. A scenic recording told in the wild woods near my home
(approx 20 mins )

Live Broadcast 

In response to the rising anxiety around Coronoa Virus, I piloted this live broadcast via Zoom 3 days before the UK lockdown in 2020. I wanted to offer some escape through stories.
2 stories featured (family friendly).
(approx 30 mins)

The Great Forest and the Fir Tree:

A special Christmas story I created, inspired by a reference to the beliefs of our ancestors regarding the evergreen nature of the fir tree. 
(approx 14 mins)


A recorded live broadcast done as an experiment many years ago, (hence the very poor picture and sound quality). This is another Christmas story that I created by drawing together some traditional Welsh beliefs and customs associated with the season. Like all Christmas tales there is some darkness, but as a guide, no darker than Dickens' A Christmas Carol.
(approx 35 mins)