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I am a storyteller who is driven to help people rediscover the wonder and power of the oral tradition. Storytelling is infinitely flexible and a great way to bring a group of people together, inspire, entertain and bring subjects to life.

As to my style of storytelling? Not always easy to answer as it depends upon the story and audience. However I've been told my storytelling is 'atmospheric, lively, epic, awesome and spellbinding,' among other things.

To be clear, I don't read from a book. Genuine traditional storytelling is a performance that plays with an audience. As the audience responds to the teller, so the teller reacts to the audience and the result is often a thrilling journey into new worlds and endless possibilities. Costumed and non-costumed performances are available depending on the situation.

I have a great affinity for Folktales and Celtic legends (especially tales of Wales such as the Mabinogion), Ghost stories and the collection of children's short stories written by Ted Hughes called 'How the whale became and other stories'.

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The video below is  an example of a story I created for Christmas 2012. I often use a mixture of traditional stories and newly created stories in a storytelling, but the event itself usually dictates what content will be appropriate and the best style for delivery.

You should be aware that telling stories to a video camera requires a different storytelling  technique to that of working with an audience, but it will hopefully give you an impression of me as a storyteller - Carl Gough.

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You may be interested  to know that I started a Blog on storytelling. I find the blog useful because it provides an outlet for me to explore different problems, issues or revelations about storytelling and how I approach different tales or tasks. If  you'd like to see the blog, you can find it at