You're the Voice

What is You're the Voice?

You're the Voice was intended to launch in March 2020 as a series of informal social events to create positive change....
..... and then Corona virus happened!

But the voices of Swansea will not be silenced.
The original idea has evolved and dare I say, is possibly even better because of it. The idea remains the same:

To celebrate the extraordinary in the ordinary,
but now through a series of recorded interviews shared each week.


Together our stories create the city within which we live and work

It's time to start sharing those stories!

Want to add your voice?

If you live, or work, or are from Swansea, then you have a story worth sharing. If you want to add your voice to the growing number of conversations, then here are some guidelines:

  • Have something you want to share that is either happening in or is about the City and County of Swansea. Here are some themes to help give you some ideas.
  • Celebrate Swansea - this doesn't mean ignoring issues or whitewashing problems, but let's face it - there's enough doom and gloom at the moment. Lets share what we can do to make things better and really shout about the great things people are involved in.
  • Then all you have to do is submit an application and I'll be in touch.

What's involved?

Well to put it simply - an informal chat. You need to be able to video chat and I'll record and then edit our conversation to create a 10 minute conversation. Easy as that. 

To be eligible, the subject of your showcase should:

- Be relevant to Swansea
- Have a positive focus
- Be told from a personal  perspective.

Further guidance is available

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