You're the Voice

Do you know something worth celebrating about Swansea?

Would you like the opportunity to share it?

Together our stories create the city within which we live and work

It's time to start sharing those stories!

A series of informal social events rooted in the power of stories to create positive change. Open to everyone, come to listen or come to share, and together we can

Celebrate the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

You’re the Voice provides a platform for Real People sharing Real Stories, showcasing some of the great things being done in Swansea by everyday people, with little or no recognition. The events aim to:

  • Improve recognition of the positive things happening in Swansea
  • Extend communication and awareness of things happening in Swansea
  • Promote word of mouth communication and person to person interaction
  • Create and expand new networks that enable synergies between disparate ideas to emerge
  • Cultivate new opportunities and support for things happening Swansea

The idea is simple – social events, built around conversation and providing showcase slots of 10 minutes for anyone who has something they feel needs to be celebrated.

This is about sharing a personal perspective (not a formal presentation); stories told, heard, shared and experienced in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. 

Perhaps you're involved with a community project?

Maybe you're about to launch a new business?

You can even celebrate a local hero you feel deserves some recognition.

Here's some guidance for the kind of things we're looking for

How to apply:

To apply for this opportunity, simply decide which category you fit and complete a nomination form to tell us what you want to say. If successful, you'll then get a 10 minute showcase to share your story at one of our events. 

First live event

postponed due to C-19

Currently exploring alternative delivery via recorded interviews.
If you'd like to take part then please complete an application

To be eligible, the subject of your showcase should:

- Be relevant to Swansea
- Have a positive focus
- Be told from a personal  perspective.

Further guidance is available

Category summaries [click to open]:

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