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Storyteller Carl Swansea Wales

Traditional storytelling for a modern age

Carl has a natural ability to carry listeners into rich new worlds, connecting audiences to the wonderful world of myths, legends, folklore and fables. Delivering for entertainment as well as educational settings, you are guaranteed a memorable experience. 

 "You mesmerised a 4 year old, a 20 year old plus an old adult. Fantastic Storytelling"
  (Audrey, Caitlin and Emma, Pencoed)

"Enthralling and enjoyable. Very well performed. Excellent"  (Amelia, Skewen)

"Fabulous! Wanted to listen all day"
(Mr. & Mrs Howell, Bridgend)

storyteller Carl Gough
storyteller carl gough wales

There's more to a Storyteller than you think!

I've often thought the word 'Storyteller' does not really capture the true nature of the job. Society is riding the wave of technological revolution at such a speed that the word 'Storyteller' seems rather quaint; a throw back to a bygone era ....

But hold on there just a minute!

 ..... without storytelling there would be no television, no 3D films, no computer games and no way to communicate with other people.

Stories show us what could be and it's no coincidence that ideas which began in science fiction have become the science fact of today. Our lives are built around stories and it's through stories that we make sense of the world around us.

And so the storyteller is in fact a Gatekeeper; someone who can show you endless possibilities and create living worlds from those long since dead or yet to be born. I have watched from the shadows as battles were fought, I have walked in the shoes of rich kings and beggars alike, I have wept at tragedy and laughed at comedy, seen wrongs undone and courage rewarded.

So be aware my friend, the rise of the storyteller is here!
And now it's time to tell you what I have seen!

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Please feel free to look around this site using the menu on the top left to find out more about me. I'm a storyteller in Wales, UK. Swansea to be precise but I travel to wherever I'm needed, even China on one occasion. You could say I'm a storyteller for hire and if that's what you're looking for then you found me. If that's not what you're looking for there are many other strings to my bow and you may be interested in seeing the range of services I offer on my business website by clicking the Connection logo below.

Professional Storyteller Carl Gough Wales and UK
Professional storyteller Carl Gough

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